(Song: Beirut - Elephant Gun )

New Weekend, New page of BCCR! This is the last day for the song Elephant Gun, by Beirut!

Hope everyone had good weeks as always, and if not I hope good weeks come through!

Ads are still gonna be a thing for the forseeable future!

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The Patreon is indeed ahead of the comic by a few months of content that's gonna get fed to the site once a week, again if I can make this full time I'll update the site 3 times a week, and eventually daily!

Tons of fun stuff in store for Boxcar in the future! Not just the comic!


My grandfather, Shaqir Vata, passed away on Tuesday, he's been on his deathbed for a while and I was looking after him on nights while he was sleeping, he lived to be 89 years old, and went peacefully without complications. Every time I would visit him he would be happy and towards the end he was mostly nonverbal, but still made attempts to talk and say some words when I was around. I'm gonna miss him, he was a super hard working man and took care of me when I was young cause my parents were busy with work, I have a lot of love for him and hope he's resting well now, lots of good memories in my heart with him. Also I got a big Godzilla tattoo this week! Saw a lot of overseas family that came over for his funeral, and burial. Pretty hectic week, but C'est la vie, you know?

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See you next Saturday, and if you can make some time to tell the people in your life that you love them, until next time, Adios Amigos!