"CHAPTER 03, [PROLOGUE] pg.17"



(Song: Beirut - Elephant Gun )

New Weekend, New page of BCCR! This song is gonna be up on the site for a little bit as it fits atmospherically!

Hope everyone had good weeks as always, and if not I hope good weeks come through!

Ads are still gonna be a thing for the forseeable future!

I am trying to make BCCR my main job, and it would help a lot if you donated to my PATREON!

The Patreon is indeed ahead of the comic by a few months of content that's gonna get fed to the site once a week, again if I can make this full time I'll update the site 3 times a week, and eventually daily!

Tons of fun stuff in store for Boxcar in the future! Not just the comic!


My ankle is feeling better, I'm back to rock climbing, and I'm skateboarding more! Currently my keto diet is still going strong, I weigh around 184lbs now. In sadder news my gramps is on his death bed and I'm visiting him more often so my art and projects are gonna be a little slow for the forseeable future, but at least he smiles and talks a bunch when I'm around, so I'm happy about that at least, life's a funny thing, huh?.

Also be sure to check me out on twitter @GENC____ for more updates to come, and general updates!

See you next Saturday, Adios Amigos!