"CHAPTER 03, pg.23"



(Song: Ginger Root - Le Chateau )

New Weekend, New page of BCCR!

Wishing everyone a great weekend, hope you can relax and enjoy this new page!

Oh boy I love taiyaki, it's such a tasty treat yum yum, I wish I could have some :[

I am trying to make BCCR my main job, and it would help a lot if you donated to my PATREON!

The Patreon is indeed ahead of the comic by a few months of content that's gonna get fed to the site once a week, again if I can make this full time I'll update the site 3 times a week, and eventually daily!

We're in week 2 of October! Get ready to plan out your costumes for Halloween, last minute costumes never work out!


As far as new things so far, I did karaoke with pals on halloween and I was dressed as Uncle Death from the game Let it Die! I also got a replica DragonSlayer weighted greatsword and have been swinging that around until I can swing it like Guts from Berserk. Other than that not much, my rock climbing gym has dyno walls put up and there's one where you gotta ninja run on walls to clear it, excited to tackle that!

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As always next I will see everyone next Saturday, keep going strong til then, I hope to see you again, Adios Amigos!