"CHAPTER 03, [PROLOGUE] pg.10"



(Song: ROAR - I Can't Handle Change)

Not the best compliment in the world, but he means well!


Apologies for the late updated today, but we still met the Saturday deadline one way or another. Just wound up being SUPER busy this week, but I managed to get a page done anyways! Thank you for tuning in!

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Once things calm down on my end I'll try updating BCCR more often! This weeks song is from one of my favorite bands that I've met a bunch on tour way back in the day, over 10 years ago. Roar, if you wanna check em out you can download a bunch of their albums for free on quoteunquote records!

My YuGiOh journey is still going, I'm still trying to build Kashtira, just gotta pray that the cards I need become cheaper because I don't wanna spend more than $10 on a piece of cardboard!

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As always see you next time, adios amigos!