"CHAPTER 03, [PROLOGUE] pg.08"



(Song: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: November)

Oh my, Gio that's a nasty scar...on top of many nasty scars, what's going on buddy?


I'm waiting on funds to be added to my account from the Kickstarter, after that ready to print and start shipping!

I am trying to make BCCR my main job, and it would help a lot if you donated to myPATREON!

Need people who have backed the kickstarter to also answer questions about the shirt sizes so I can order shirts if applicable! Please answer your survey!!

Once things calm down on my end I'll try updating BCCR more often! Hope you enjoy this pages song, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is a phenomenal band, and I really wanna get the vinyl to the album today's song is from, but alas no luck.

I'm still building my Kashtira YuGiOh deck right now. It's not at full power at the moment, but still super workable! Trying to remember how to play YGO physically is a bit of a pain.

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As always see you next time, adios amigos!