"CHAPTER 03, [PROLOGUE] pg.04"




It's okay Gio's dealt with worse.

I've been very busy working towards the future of Boxcar City RUSH. WE HAVE A KICKSTARTER!

I am trying to make BCCR my main job, and this kickstarter is a step in that direction

So far the campaign has been SUPER successful! Already $10K raised and we have 16 days to go! If you ever wanted a print of the comic or even getting your name credited or even a character of yours to appear in the comic, then this is your chance!

If I can raise $50k I can start focusing on this comic full time! 5 days a week, like a true cartoonist, more BCCR, more books!

We still have a LONG way to go, I won't be starting the comic full time until around the end of MARCH once everything is set up and all rewards are made and sent out. After that though, full steam ahead, at least 3-4 chapters a year!

Also be sure to check me out on twitter @GENC____ for more updates to come, and general updates!

As always see you next time, adios amigos! SEE YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR!